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RPF will continue to surmount challenges

Kigali, 31 August 2014

President Kagame today chaired RPF congress bringing together over two thousand RPF members. President Kagame began by warning RPF members against any sense of entitlement:

“Anything you may have sacrificed and all the hard work was also for your benefit. We cannot go around thinking we are heroes. No one owes you anything. You cannot go around asking to be paid for your sacrifice. We cannot live in the past. Don’t tell me about your excellent past when you are not telling me about your excellent present or future. ”

Speaking on the challenges Rwanda continues to face, President Kagame pointed to resilience as key to who RPF has been and will always be:

“Those who think the struggle is over are wrong. The struggle continues every day. But if the RPF did not perish in 1990, in 1994 or after, it will not perish now. RPF may have been beaten but our wounds always heal and we will remain standing.”

President Kagame joins Cyeru residents for Umuganda

Kigali, 30 August 2014

This morning, President Kagame joined residents of Cyeru village in Rusororo sector in Gasabo district in monthly community service to dig a water trench. The water trench will be 16 Km and will provide water to over 2000 people in the surrounding community.Speaking to residents of Cyeru, President Kagame pointed to the importance of every Rwandan in rebuilding Rwanda over the last twenty years:

“The progress we have made would not have been possible without your willingness to move forward and face our challenges.”

President Kagame added that the responsibility to ensure Rwanda’s tragic history is never repeated:

“I see children here. They are lucky not to have lived our tragic history. Let us make sure they never do.”

President Kagame meets delegation from Japan

Kigali, 28 August 2014

This morning at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame met with a Japanese delegation composed of representatives from Government Institutions and Private Companies of 46 led by Hon. Hirotaka Ishihara, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking to the group, President Kagame encouraged increased investment and partnership between Japan and Rwanda:

“Japan should not be shy about investing in Africa. There are opportunities for both sides to benefit. The capacity for partnership has not been exploited fully.”

Serve every Rwandan equally

Kigali, 18 August 2014

While presiding over the Swearing in ceremony of new Ministers not present during last swearing in July, Members of Parliament and Deputy Inspector General of Police, President Kagame told all government officials present to serve every Rwandan equally and to take a stance against trafficking of young girls:

“We are here to fulfill our responsibility to the Rwandan people and ensure development of our nation. Ending trafficking of girls goes beyond law enforcement authorities; it is the responsibility of every citizen.”

President Kagame also urged the officials to initiate ways to curb increased levels of road accidents on Rwandan roads:

“The number of people who have fallen victims to road accidents is unacceptable and we need to put an end to it. The life of every individual is too valuable to be lost in accidents we have seen over the last weeks.”

Thanking God is not sufficient

Kigali, 12 August 2014

This evening in Kigali, President Kagame addressed Rwanda Leaders Fellowship during a dinner hosted by Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Ministries and Rwanda Leaders Fellowship.


Speaking on the topic of leadership, President Kagame urged the audience to move beyond the rhetoric of leadership:

Leadership has more to do with practice than theory, it's about results, problem solving and of course it's about people.Leaders cannot play it safe, you confront things as they are. As long as you come from a background of conviction of what you stand for and what you are trying to achieve”

President Kagame challenged the fellowship to take responsibility in shaping a self reliant future:

Thanking God is not sufficient. We should not be thanking God because there are people who permanently carry our burden. We should be thanking God that we are in a clear process where we should be able to stand on our own two feet. Self worth is not about somebody doing something for you but about doing something for yourself and for each other.”